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Science and technology information is vast and numerous locally and globally. It encompasses and applies to many fields of study. Not many people realize that we live and breathe science and technology everyday—it is in the things we encounter day by day, it is in us. The Science and Technology Information Institute (STII) of the Department of Science and Technology is mandated by virtue of Executive Order 128 on January 30, 1987 generally to promote science and technology information in the country and accomplishes this by maintaining a physical library and producing multi-media promotions (print and video).

The Science and Technology Academic and Research-Based Openly-Operated KioskS (STARBOOKS) will be access portals in key areas in the Philippines where residents can have access to the scientific information physically available at DOST (SciNeT), Philippine eLib project sources, freely-available online resources, and subscribed databases (if any)

STARBOOKS will each have state of the art facilities to access science and technology information via the STII portals. A technically-qualified staff will be on hand to assist STARBOOKS users on-site while an online Librarian’s HelpDesk service will also be available to answer queries.

Through the STARBOOKS Program, Filipinos can have access to scientific information for their research needs or simply to satisfy their curious minds. Eventually, it is hoped that (1) it will create interest in the field of Science and Technology which may increase the number of Filipinos enrolling in S&T courses, (2) encourage great and curious minds to develop new ideas—inventions and innovations, and (3) inspire one’s capacity for entrepreneurship and research for socio-economic development